Spring has Sprung!


Hello everyone,

Spring has sprung! Or has it? Last weekend was so warm! I went Iwamotoyama park and played soccer with my daughter. It was such a warm sunny day, I was sure that the cold weather was over. However, on Tuesday it became very cold again. It felt like winter was hanging on for just a few more days. I think my favorite season is here to stay from this weekend. Spring is my favorite season for a few reasons. First of all, it’s the weather. It’s nice to finally have some warm weather after the cold winter months. I hate cold weather much more than hot weather. It’s a shame I come from such a cold country! Also, I don’t really suffer from hay-fever, so unlike many other people here I don’t have to worry about pollen in the air. Japan has so much pollen in spring, due to all of the cedar and cypress trees that were planted in the 60’s to grow wood for construction. That’s why so many people here wear masks and goggles, and take allergy medicine. Another reason I like spring is the cherry blossom. It’s such a beautiful sight in the parks and especially the temples and shrines around Japan. I enjoy the spring custom of “hanami” picnics. There was a great sakura festival in the park near my house every year. It was cancelled recently with covid but I hope to see it return in the coming years. My wife’s 90-year-old grandmother played with a koto group on the stage every year. She still practices, so I hope she can take to the stage again. Other reasons to like spring are the celebrations of Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter and my birthday. Thanks so much to my colleagues for decorating Hario with beautiful green for St. Patrick’s Day last week. I was so happy to find a sea of green in the classroom. Thanks also to our students for wearing green, the lucky color of the week. Next up is Easter, when we eat chocolate eggs. I’m a “chocoholic”, so I can’t wait to eat a lot of it in April. Enjoy spring everyone!















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