Back to School Already?


Hello everyone,

As August comes to an end, we will see autumn begin next month. It`s still the height of summer now, however, so I will stay in the air-conditioned rooms for the time being. I was asking my students when they go back to school after the summer vacation, and was surprised to hear that most of them have already started. The summer vacation is shorter this year because of the corona shutdown in April and May. Many of our students had only two or three weeks to relax for the summer. The rest of the time off was counted in their extra-long spring vacation. In Ireland, the schools are still closed, since March! What do you think about the schools being closed for so long? It`s the subject of a lot of debate and many countries have different ideas on what to do to prevent the spread of corona virus. The Irish schools will open again next week, and I think many of the students will have a hard time getting back into the daily routine. Six months is a very long time for a child, so they will have to get used to school life all over again. My brother has two sons in Ireland, and they were getting used to doing homework every day. My nephews are excited about starting school again. They`ll be happy to see their friends again, so I hope they enjoy it.

This week at Hario is Nao`s final week with us. She has been getting farewell gifts from the students, which shows how appreciated she is by everyone here. Nao`s students have always enjoyed her classes and will miss her. I have had a great time working with her. Thank you for all of your great work and best of luck in your future!












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