The Parts of a Great Performance


Hello everyone,

It’s September now, and I’ve already seen some leaves begin to fall from trees. However, I think it’s still far too hot to call it Autumn. Let’s say we’re in “late summer” instead.

Here at Hario, we are now switching back to in person classes. It’s our chance to see face to face how out students are doing with their speeches. They are all doing a great job and working hard to memorise it at this stage. Once they have the words memorised, however, it isn’t finished. Not even close. There are so many other things that go into making a great speech. They need to focus on enthusiasm, pronunciation, presentation, intonation, volume, speed, gestures and head movement. Also, while they are concentrating on all of these other things, they have to remember to smile too! There’s a lot to remember, especially when you are nervous on stage in front of many people. I’m really looking forward to them putting all of the components of a good speech together and wowing the audience.

We’re also getting started on the song and dance performance for our beginner students. We have a couple of fun songs to learn. I’m still getting the hang of the dance moves, but I think our students are better dancers than I am. Before working at Hario, I hadn’t danced on stage in many years. I think the last time was in the second grade when I played “Pinocchio” in my school’s play. I remember how learning the songs and movements were difficult. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to learn them in another language. Every year I’m really impressed by the song and dance performance, and I’m sure this year will be no different. Good luck everyone!




今は 9 月です。すでに木から葉紅葉が落ち始めているのを見ました。とはいえ、秋と呼ぶにはまだまだ暑いと思います。秋ではなく「Late Summer」にいるのでしょう。










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