Hello everyone,

The Hario Speech Contest 2021 took place yesterday, and what a day it was! We welcomed the contestants and their families at Rose Theater and they were eager to get the show going. We had three judges who are all from different continents, the U.K., Australia and Columbia. It’s good to have judges from all over the world. Each country has their own form of English, but they can all agree on what makes a great speech. We began the contest with the “debut” category, who are the first timers. They were understandably nervous, but put on a great show. It’s nerve-wracking for a 6-year-old to stand all alone on a huge stage, and give a speech to over 100 people! I’m so proud of their bravery, and how well they could say their speech despite the nerves. After that we had the “rising stars” who had studied their second speech this year. Some of them weren’t at last year’s contest, so this was their first time to perform at Rose. Again, it’s very daunting to take the walk up the stairs and across the stage to the microphone. They also did a great job, and really impressed the judges and audience. Next up we had the “stars”, who had learned a few speeches before. They knew what to expect up there, and that the quality of their speeches needed to be high. Finally, we had the “legend” category, who are veterans ranging from 4th – 6th grade. This is usually the most competitive category, and this year was no exception. There were many excellent speeches here. They are long, and have more mature subjects, such as S.D.G.s, animal welfare, the environment, and so on. These students have a lot more to remember. For the 6th graders it’s their last speech contest, so they put on the performance of their life. I’m proud of all of them for putting in so much effort. Not only the students at the contest, but all of those who worked hard this year. Congratulations to our winners. And to the families, thanks for coming and thanks for your support. I had a great time. See you next year!














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