Parent’s Day


Hello everyone,

This month at Hario we are holding parent’s day for our PLS and Apricot classes. It’s been a while since we had a proper parent’s day because of the pandemic, so the parents can finally see all the progress that has been made in that time. We have taken proper precautions, so they can watch the class from a safe distance. Last year, they could watch the students take our online classes at home. In person classes are totally different though, so I think they’ll be happy to see their children back in the classroom. That’s what PLS was made for.

It will be great to see the pandemic come to an end eventually. Vaccines are being distributed all over the world. Many of my friends and family are vaccinated now. Japan is slower, but we will finally have a vaccine for a family member this week, my wife’s grandmother. So it’s good to see they are getting underway here too. Who knows what will happen to the Olympics? But in the next few years when things get back to normal, I’m looking forward to the summer festivals in Japan. Food stalls, shaved ice, music and fireworks. None this year, of course, but maybe next year.





コロナが終息に向かいつつあります。 ワクチンが世界中に配布されています。 アイルランドの友人の多くや家族も、ワクチンを接種しました。 日本はかなり遅いですが、ついに今週、妻の祖母がワクチンを接種する予定です。 ですから、ワクチン接種が日本でも動き始めています。 オリンピックはどうなるのか誰もわかりません。 しかし、数年後には、我々はもとの生活を取り戻しているでしょう。私は夏祭りを楽しみにしています。 屋台、かき氷、音楽、花火。 もちろん今年はありませんが、来年は期待できるかもしれません。








富士市国久保3-1-10 2F
月~金 12:30~9:30 祝日)土、日 駐車場20台完備