Looking Forward to Silver Week


Hello everyone,

Silver week is coming! Next week there are two public holidays. The first is Old People’s Day or Keiro no hi, which takes place on the third Monday of September. This is a day to honour the elderly people in the country with the oldest population in the world. Of course, Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world. Since 1963, the Japanese government has given a commemorative silver sake cup to Japanese who reach the age of 100. In 1963 the number was 153. In 2017, Japan honored 32,097 people (27,461 women and 4,636 men) who turned 100-years old; they each received congratulatory letter and souvenir sake cup from the Prime Minister. Because so many people reach 100 years old nowadays, they changed the cup from silver to nickel to save on costs. It’s amazing how far life expectancy has come over the years. I wonder if it will change further when I’m older. Will anyone beat the world record of the oldest ever person? In 1997, a French woman died at the age of 122, and her record hasn’t been beaten since. Can anyone really live beyond that age? I’m glad that the elderly people here got the COVID vaccine. I only have to wait a little longer, as they are now on my age group.

What are your plans for the silver week holiday? I’ve been asking my students, and their options are severely limited by the pandemic. Most of them will spend the long weekend catching up on their studies and relaxing at home. I’m looking forward to a time when people can get out and travel or go to events again. Let’s keep going with the vaccines!





シルバーウィークには2つの祝日があります。1つ目は、9月の第3月曜日にある敬老の日です。この日は、高齢者の方々を称える日です。日本は世界で最も平均寿命が長い国です。 1963年から、日本政府は100歳に達した日本人に記念の銀酒カップを贈っています。










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