Katsu? Curry


Recently in the UK, there has been an increased interest in many Asian foods. Many supermarkets now stock a range of products inspired by Korean and Japanese food. This trend led many supermarkets to start to sell “Katsu Curry”. But in many cases, there is no Katsu! The problem it seems is the mistranslation (on purpose or by accident) of Katsu curry to mean simply “Japanese Curry”. Leading many to believe in the UK, Katsu only means curry.

In supermarkets, you will find Katsu curry-flavored Rice, Mayonnaise, noodles, or protein snacks. Even the Japanese brand Nissin has begun to sell Katsu Curry Cup Noodles, but these are only described as “Curry Flavoured” (even though the is a very small image of an actual Katsu on the packaging), there is no mention of any flavoring even attempting to imitate an actual Katsu.


Katsu might have originally been inspired by and created to offer a European-style meat cutlet in the late 1800s to Japan, but now it seems after just over 100 years later the UK wants to reinterpret the Katsu.. but missing the point.






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