Is your Costume Ready?


Hello everyone,

Next week is Halloween here at Hario! So get your costume ready and scare us. I always look forward to seeing all of the weird and wonderful costumes our students wear every Halloween. All of the staff will be wearing them too. I should remember to get a comfortable costume because I’ll be wearing it for a full week. I’ll try to remember all of the costumes I’ve worn for Hario Halloween week so far. I’ve been a magician, a baby, a mummy, a leprechaun, an invisible man, a skeleton, a spider, and Tanjiro. They all had varying levels of comfort. For example, the invisible man had a big, heavy cardboard box over my head. It was over two meters tall, so I kept hitting the head on doorways. It was also very hot inside the box. I really liked the effect it had, but it was difficult to wear for long. This year, I might go for something that is easier to wear. But it’s a secret for now. You’ll have to come and see for yourself next week. What costume will your wear?

This week at Hario the wait is finally over. We have just confirmed the contestants who will perform at the Hario Speech Contest 2021. I’m glad to say they all worked very hard to get this far. They had to work on it alone during the online lessons. That took a lot of self-discipline and motivation. It wasn’t easy to choose who could go. There are so many high-quality speeches that all of our students should be proud of themselves. They will all perform at the mini speech contest here at Hario in the first week of November. Parents will call into us on zoom to watch the performances. Good luck everyone!








今週のハリオでは、ハリオスピーチコンテスト2021に出場する出場者が決定されました。全員がこれまでに一生懸命頑張ったと言って嬉しいです。彼らはオンラインレッスン中に一人で取り組む必要がありました。多くの自己規律とモチベーションが必要だったと思います。誰が行けるかを選ぶのは簡単ではありませんでした。レベルの高いスピーチばかりでした。生徒全員が誇りに思うべきです拍手。 11月の第1週には、ミニスピーチコンテストが開催され、そこでは全員がスピーチを発表します。今年もオンラインで行います。保護者の皆様、是非ご参加ください。









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