The Rainy Season is coming!


Hello everyone,

It’s June, and officially summer in Ireland. But in Japan we have one extra season to go through before we call it summer. Once the rainy season ends next month, we can say summer has arrived. The rainy season here usually consists of showers and it rarely rains “cats and dogs”. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean cats and dogs actually fall from the sky. It’s just an expression for heavy rain. Nobody knows exactly where this phrase came from, but it originated in the 17th century. In some countries, smaller animals such as frogs and fish have been swept up by winds and rained down on people. Maybe people wanted to expand on this idea with even bigger animals for heavy rain. Who knows?

Recently, the cats and dogs caused all schools in Fuji to be postponed one morning, and some even cancelled the entire day. I had never experienced school being cancelled due to rain in Ireland. We were expected to show up, come rain or shine. It never rains that heavily however. I don’t miss cycling to school in the cold Irish rain. Winter is colder than in Fuji, so we had to wrap up warm for the school commute. I was quite lucky only having to cycle 15 – 20 minutes to school every day. I have heard some of our students walk or cycle up to 40 minutes each way. I hope they don’t mind the rainy days ahead!

This week we welcome Hario’s newest member of staff, Sean, to our team. He’s from the U.K. and I’m looking forward to all of our students meeting him. Best of luck Sean!






夏の前に「梅雨」があります。にわか雨だったり”cats and dogs”になったり。

心配いりませんよ。これは、空から猫や犬が降ってくるという意味ではありませんウインク。”cats and dogs”は英語では土砂降りという意味です。



最近、どしゃぶり”cats and dogs”があり、富士市の小学校や幼稚園などは休校になりました。アイルランドでは、このような経験はありません。雨でも風でも学校にいくのが当然のことでした。まぁ、アイルランドではこんなに土砂降りの雨がないからかもしれませんが。










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