The Big Chill


Hello everyone,

It’s very cold today! Snow fell in many places around the country last night but, as usual, Fuji only had rain. It’s very rare to see any snow in Fuji because we are on the coast around sea level. If you go inland or uphill today, you’ll see snow all over the country. It was the coldest night of winter so far, and clouds brought snowfall of 30cm in some areas. In Ireland, snowfall is quite rare too. This is surprising because Ireland is further north than Hokkaido. It’s actually as far north as the Russian island of Sakhalin Oblast, where the average temperature is 2 degrees. So why is Ireland warmer with rare snowfall? The answer is the gulf stream. It’s a warm and swift Atlantic Ocean current that starts in Mexico, stretches to the tip of Florida, and crosses the ocean to Europe. This brings warmer air to Ireland, giving the country a milder climate than usual. In Dublin snow falls once or twice a year, but it rarely sticks to the ground. There are some exceptions. About 10 years ago there was snow on the ground for about two weeks. There aren’t any snow ploughs or gritters in Ireland, and nobody has tyres suitable for snow, so people couldn’t drive to work! Unfortunately, I walked to work at the time. So I walked on a path of ice, where I slipped and fell many times!

Just a few days to go until the Hario Spring Campaign starts! Next Monday you can come in for rour free trial lessons. I’m looking forward to meeting our new students!

Have a good week and stay warm.













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