A Big Day Out


Hello everyone,

Less than two weeks to go until the Hario Speech Contest 2019! The time has flown by and we are busy preparing for the big day in Rose Theater. This is the first time we have held the contest at Rose. All of my previous contests with Hario were at La Hall, so it’s an exciting challenge to work with a new venue. Rose is bigger, both on stage and in the audience, so hopefully more people can come and watch the speech contest. I’m really looking forward to it! We had the rehearsal for the tenth rank activity today. I hope our students sing nice and loudly on stage. They have learned a lot of words to the songs, so I’m really proud of them and how far they have come. We always choose well known songs, so that families can enjoy and sing along with the kids.

Last Sunday, we had a big day out at the Hario Barbeque. It was great fun! First we took our students on a bus to Shiraito Falls. It’s a very beautiful waterfall, but really it’s a set of many waterfalls. We walked around for a bit and then went to Fuji Milk Land for a barbeque lunch. Our students grilled yaki soba and meat, and it was delicious! We had worked up a hunger from walking around Shiraito Falls, so everyone wanted seconds. Then we walked around the farm to see the animals. After that we played some games. I noticed that the games we played are the same as back home, just with different names. For example, dorokei, is called cops and robbers back in Ireland. It’s the same game all over the world. I haven’t run much recently, so I tired out very fast in that game. My legs are killing me today! After the games we all went back to Hario by bus. The students said they had a great time, they made a real effort to speak English with me, and they made new friends. I hope we can have another day out in the future.

Finally, commiserations to Ireland and Japan in the Rugby World Cup last weekend. Both teams were beaten in the quarter-final matches. It was sad but well done to both teams.










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