What happened to the Rainy Season?


Hello everyone,

It’s been extremely hot and humid here since last Thursday. It’s as if we skipped the rest of the rainy season and went straight into August! Usually, it’s cloudy and rainy until about the third week of July, but that hasn’t been the case for the last few days. I went out for a walk on Saturday and I felt the sun burning into my skin like a laser! I wonder if the rainy season will come back and finish its time or have we gone straight into an early summer? The humidity has changed a great deal in the last few days. You can feel the moisture in the air whenever you go outside. My glasses steamed up when I got out of my car today! I never really thought about humidity when I lived in Ireland because it’s never extreme there. All year round, Ireland never becomes very humid or dry. Japan on the other hand has extremely dry air in the winter and high humidity in the summer. I notice the dry air in winter because my skin dries up and I get static electric shocks off metal objects. Thankfully, with modern technology, we can humidify and dehumidify rooms however we like. The recent hot weather has made me wonder how it will be in Paris, France this summer. The Olympics begins in just over two weeks, and Ireland’s athletes are going to suffer if the temperature exceeds 30 degrees. France had some record-breaking hot summers in recent years, so we will have to wait and see.

Here at Hario this week, the speeches have been handed out and we have just begun checking our students first lines. I can already see who is serious about giving their best possible performance. Well done to everyone who is studying hard. Keep it up!













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