It’s that time of the year again!


Hello everyone,

It’s a very special week here at Hario as we’re finally handing out the speech homework! All of our students who wrote speeches can begin learning it this week. We’ve been very busy getting them all recorded and prepared. They are finally ready to roll out. Now it’s time for our students to begin studying hard to be able to give their very best speech performance. It takes a lot of time and patience to learn a speech. Our students will listen to all of their lines over 100 times. Not only to remember the words, it’s also to learn intonation, pronunciation, expressing feelings and emotions, and so on. Once they have learned and perfected it, they will all perform their speeches here at Hario, in front of their parents and classmates. There is a great sense of achievement in being able to push past nerves and anxiety to speak up in front of an audience. This is even more nerve-wracking when the speech is in a foreign language. Some of our quiet students surprise me every year. In class, these students are usually quiet and softly spoken because that’s part of their personality. When it comes to performing their speech, however, I hear a new voice emerge. They loudly announce “Hello everyone!” for everyone to hear, loud and clear. It’s amazing to see a quiet kid speak up and engage their audience. That’s what I want to see again this year. So, to our first timers and veterans, best of luck everyone! You can do it.














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