When does the rainy season begin?


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It’s June already, the month of the year with the longest days. The sun sets at about 7:30pm now, so we get more daylight at this time of the year. That doesn’t mean it’s always bright, however, because the rainy season is approaching it’s often cloudy and rain is becoming more frequent. We got some very heavy downpours over the past week. It rained cats and dogs for a while yesterday and last week. Don’t worry, cats and dogs didn’t actually fall from the sky! That phrase simply means heavy rain. In Ireland, I think it rains more often throughout the year, but the rain is rarely as heavy as we saw yesterday. There’s no rainy season in Ireland either, it can rain at any time, in any season. That’s why I enjoy the dry winters in Japan. It’s often bright and sunny throughout winter and spring. The recent rain has reminded us that “tsuyu”, or the rainy season is just around the corner.

Thankfully, last Thursday was dry, as my daughter’s sport’s day took place that morning. It’s very different to the sport’s days I experienced as a child. In my elementary school, we didn’t have many novelty races. The main focus was for everyone to compete in the 100m and 800m. Otherwise there were only a few choices of event such as the egg and spoon race. They were all individual events, with medals for the winners. Here in Japan, however, the events are all team based. They are also more fun than simply running around a track. My daughter took part in the typhoon race, with each class making a team. It looked like great fun, with all the students screaming support for their team mates. They also performed a dance with the other classes. It was spectacular to see hundreds of students dancing in synch. During the break between events, I found a tree to hide in the shade. The sun was too strong for me! I’ve been talking to my students about their sport’s days this week to find out how they vary in different schools.
















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