The End of a Long Day


Hello everyone,

It’s a long day when you’re a student in Japan. Most of our students get up at around 6:00AM, however, some of them told me that they get up as late as 7:15! When I asked if they got to school on time, they explained their accelerated morning routine, followed by running to school. Other students get up as early as 5:00AM, usually if they go to school in a different city. For example, I have one class of three high school students, and each of them goes to school in Numazu, Shimizu and Shizuoka city! Many of our students also have club activities after school. Even in elementary school, they can join a club from the 5th grade. What surprises me the most about school clubs in Japan is how frequent they are. Some sports clubs have to be attended up to 6 days a week! I understand if a child prodigy shows an exceptional talent for a sport and looks very likely to become a professional in the future. In that case, 6 days a week is a good idea for their future. However, in these schools, every student in the club takes part this frequently. It’s not true for all clubs though, some of them take place once a week. In my high school in Ireland, we didn’t have many clubs, and they only had practice once a week. It’s easy to see why Ireland doesn’t win any olympic medals! After the student’s club, the day isn’t over yet. They have to finish their school homework, have dinner, and as the day comes to a close, they come over to Hario. That’s why, when I ask my students the usual question to begin the class, “How are you?”, you can probably guess what their answer is. “I’m tired”, “I’m sleepy”, “I’m tired and sleepy”, are the unsurprising answers. Now it’s up to me to bring the energy from 0 to 100. It’s time to make the students engaged in class. Tell interesting stories, make them laugh, play competitive games, push the energy levels. There are always ways to reenergise tired students after a long day. It’s one of the toughest challenges for a teacher, but it can have the most rewarding results.
















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