What is Daylight Savings?


Hello everyone,

It’s October already. Autumn has officially begun, and I can already feel the weather becoming cooler. Along with spring, autumn is my favorite season. It isn’t too hot or cold, so for a while we can enjoy the warm days without having to use air-conditioning or heating. In Ireland, my parents are already using the central heating every day. Autumn is cold there!

Did you have any holidays last week? There were two national holidays in a row, Old People’s Day and the Autumnal Equinox. The first was established in 1966 as a day to respect the elderly and celebrate a long life. Originally held on September 15, in 2003 it was changed to the third Monday of September in accordance with the Happy Monday System. The equinox means it’s half-way between the longest and shortest days of the year. This national holiday was established in 1948 as a day on which to honor one’s ancestors and remember the dead. Prior to 1948, the autumnal equinox was an imperial ancestor worship festival called Shūki kōrei-sai. In Ireland, around the time of the spring and autumn equinox, we change the time on clocks by one hour. This is called “daylight savings” and will happen on October 25th this year. At 2:00AM that night, it will magically become 3:00AM. This can cause confusion for people when they wake up the next day, especially if they go to work without checking the time. This is done to make the mornings brighter, because daylight becomes so short in winter. The opposite happens every March, at 1:00AM on March 29th it will become 12 midnight again. So it will be midnight twice that night! To remember if the clocks should go forward or back by one hour, we use the phrase “Spring forward, fall back”. This is useful because “spring” means jump. So we can jump forward, but we fall back.

This week at Hario the Mini Speech Contest 2020 is under way! Our students are performing their speeches in front of the parents. But this year it’s a little different, the parents are safely at home and watching online via zoom. The current situation can’t stop our students putting on a great show for everyone. Good luck to all of our speech contestants!




皆さんは先週はお休みでしたか。敬老の日と秋分の日で4連休になりました。アイルランドではこの時期、夏時間と冬時間で1時間時間が変わります。これはdaylight savingと呼んでいます。10月の25日の夜中の二時から、その時間が三時になります。なぜこのような真夜中に代わるかというと、日中だと混乱するからです。逆に、3月29日の夜中の1時になると、12時に戻ります。












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