Turn on the Air-con!


Hello everyone,

It’s incredibly hot and humid this week! The rain has gone, and it’s been clear and sunny since Monday. August is the hottest month of the year, so now we need to put the air-conditioners on to save us from the heat. Did you know in Ireland there are no air-conditioners? While summer is warm in Ireland, it rarely goes above 25 degrees, so we have no need for them. If the house gets warm in summer, we just open a window. The evenings are cool all year round, so we don’t need them at night. Before I came to Japan I had never used an air-conditioner, so it took some getting used to. The remote controls are confusing!

Next week is the obon holiday! This is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors. It has evolved into a family reunion holiday during which people return to their family and visit and clean their ancestors’ graves when the spirits of ancestors are supposed to revisit the household altar, known as a “haka”. Of course, this year many people won’t travel back to their hometown because of corona virus. For example, my wife’s brother and sister live in Yokohama, and they will stay there this year. It’s sad that they can’t come back and visit, but it’s the safest option. Next week, I’ll stay local and might go to the park or shopping. Unfortunately we can’t travel far, so it will be a quiet holiday. We got a small inflatable pool for my daughter to cool off in the garden, so she will have fun.

What are your plans for obon week? Enjoy the holiday!















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