The Mini Speech Contest 2020


Hello everyone,

We had our Mini-Speech contest last week. It was a great showcase for all of our student’s speeches and shows how much work they did to get this far. I’m delighted with their progress, and all of the parents must be very proud to see what they achieved. Now we have chosen which students will go to the speech contest in November. It wasn’t an easy choice. The speeches are of such a high quality this year that it made it very difficult for us to choose some to go to the contest. When all of our students work so hard on their speech, it makes it difficult for us to choose, but makes us very proud of their motivation. So well done to everyone who worked on their speech this year!


Did you hear about the typhoon that is on the way? This Saturday, a typhoon may hit Japan. This is normal for this time of year. Last month seemed unusually quiet for typhoon season. We saw very few actually come to Japan. Last year there were more, and a Rugby World Cup match had to be cancelled. It was the first time a world cup game was cancelled, so many fans were disappointed because of the weather. I remember back then it was unusual to cancel big events. Of course, these days it’s much more common. I hope this year doesn’t have too many typhoons. Things are difficult enough as it is! So let’s look forward to a bright Autumn with the speech contest on the way next month.












富士市国久保3-1-10 2F
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