The Hario Speech Contest 2019


Hello everyone,

It’s all over! The 2019 Hario Speech Contest took place last Sunday, and it was fantastic. It was our first contest at Rose Theater, so I was both excited and nervous about the big, new venue. It all went smoothly, there was a lot of space to move around backstage and keep everyone occupied. What really impressed everyone this year was the quality of the speeches. Our students worked so hard for the past few months, and it really showed. Every student had strong points to their performance, whether it was pronunciation, personality, expression, intonation etc. The judges said they had a hard time choosing the winners of each category. The winning students couldn’t believe it when their names were called. We also had an excellent song and dance performance from our younger students in the 10th rank activity. To open the contest and give our speech contestants motivation, they performed a haka, which is a tribal dance, famously performed by the New Zealand rugby team. I hope it inspired our students to do their best. Later on, they sang some well known songs. They looked amazing in their matching Disney costumes as Jasmine from Aladdin and Woody from Toy Story. We sang a medly of three well known favourites from Disney movies. Well done to all of our students for preparing for the contest, and a big thanks to all of the parents for their support. They made it a really special day for us. As they were leaving everyone said they had a great time. I think Rose theater is great venue to host our contest, and I’m already looking forward to going there next year. Well done everyone and congratulations to all of our students on a job well done!










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