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It’s Saint Patrick’s Week here at Hario! Next Sunday, March 17th, is St. Patrick’s Day, or Paddy’s Day for short. It’s a day when people all over the world celebrate Irish culture. People celebrate by wearing green, having street parades and drinking Guinness, Ireland’s famous stout. Irish people live all over the world, so there are parades in almost every major city. Japan has Paddy’s Day parades in Tokyo and Osaka. I attended the Tokyo parade in Harajuku last year. It was a great day out. There was the “I Love Ireland” festival in Yoyogi Park, which had bands performing traditional Irish music and dancers from Japan and Ireland performing Riverdance on stage. Riverdance is a mix of tap-dancing and traditional Irish dancing. It became famous 25 years ago, when it was first shown on TV. I still remember watching it live on TV many years ago. Since then, they have toured all over the world. I took my Japanese relatives to see the Riverdance live show in Dublin the day after my wedding. They were very impressed!

So who is Saint Patrick? He was alive a long time ago, 385–461 to be exact. He isn’t Irish like you might think. He was from Wales, and is the person who brought Christianity to Ireland. He used a shamrock to help explain Christianity to Irish people. That’s why you can see shamrocks everywhere on this day. The custom of wearing green comes from both the shamrocks and the fact that it’s Ireland’s colour. It appears on the flag and every sports team wears green. This day became a holiday in the 17th century, over a thousand years after his death. March 17th actually commemorates the day he died.

There is green all over Hario now. Our students are wearing green to our classes this week. We are playing a fun themed game this week. Thanks to all of them for making an effort to wear green and make me feel like I’m back home in Ireland. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!







「I LOVE Ireland」というお祭りが代々木公園でありました。伝統的なアイルランドの音楽を演奏するバンドや、リバーダンスを舞台で披露している日本人とアイルランド人のダンサーがいました。リバーダンスはアイルランドの伝統的な踊りでタップダンスです。25年前から有名になり、その当時テレビで話題になりました。何年も前にテレビで見たのを覚えています。それ以来世界中でツアーを行っています。私は結婚式のあと、日本人の私の家族をダブリンであったリバーダンスショーへ連れて行きました。みんなとても感動していました。










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