The Long Weekend 長い週末


Hello everyone,

Did you have a long weekend? Last Friday 23rd was Labour Thanksgiving Day, which has been around since 1948 to praise labour, celebrate production and give one another thanks. It’s close to the similar sounding American Thanksgiving Day which is the fourth Thursday of November. So Thanksgiving Day was the 22nd this year, the day before Japan’s Labour Thanksgiving. That meant that Japan’s holiday fell on the famous “Black Friday”. This day signals the end of Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It is famous for shops having big sales with super low prices on some goods. The bargains are so good that people often queue for a long time just waiting for the store to open. When it opens there are often stampedes of people rushing through the shop to get whatever bargain they can. The famous sale day is growing around the world a little bit every year. I saw some Black Friday deals in stores around Fuji last weekend, but nobody was rushing through the store. I guess the bargains aren’t good enough here yet.

Now that we’re at the end of November, Christmas is almost upon us! My family are already excited about the festive season, and have even put up our Christmas tree. Here’s a picture of our tree. What do you think? My daughter helped to decorate, and my wife hand-made many of the decorations. Some people think November is too early to begin Christmas celebrations, while others think the earlier, the better. What do you think? We took advantage of the long weekend by getting some Christmas shopping done. We have to finish early to send it back to Ireland in time. I’ll stay in Japan this winter, so I’ll have to get my presents shipped over.














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