Koromogae 衣替え


Hello everyone,

The evenings are cooler now. We’ve changed the blankets to thicker duvets and we’ve taken the warm clothes out of storage. The seasonal change of clothing, or koromogae, is something that I had never experienced in Ireland. It’s always cool or cold in Ireland, so we rarely have to change the clothes that we wear. If it’s warm in summer, people wear t-shirts, but we don’t store our warm sweaters away because we might need them again soon. We always use the same thick duvet on beds, because even summer nights are cool. So the practice of koromogae was totally new to me when I came to Japan. People usually store their winter clothes and uniforms on June 1st, and then switch back on October 1st. I noticed my daughters kindergarten uniform changed at the beginning of this month. They change to a long-sleeve shirt, thicker socks, warm hat, and a coat. In Ireland my uniform was always the same, long trousers and a thick wool sweater over my shirt. The seasons don’t change so severely there, so we don’t have to change what we wear. Here in Japan, however, it’s very clear what season we are in, and there is a big drop in temperature during the winter. Closer to winter we will put our kotatsu into the living room. It’s nice to get in under a warm blanket and watch TV when it’s cold outside. I find it very easy to fall asleep in there! If Ireland is so cold why don’t people use kotatsus there? The answer is central heating and the fact that Irish people sit on high sofas instead of under a low table. People do sometimes have a blanket on the sofa, but central heating keeps the room warm enough.

Halloween is almost here! In just over a week, on Thursday October 25th, Hario’s very special Halloween week begins. We have lots of fun, games, English, and scares in store for you. Remember to wear a costume, and see if you can scare us. See you then!














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