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Are you looking forward to the holiday tomorrow? It’s the vernal equinox, which means there should be exactly 12 hours of day and night, as we are halfway between winter and summer. I’m enjoying the warmer weather recently, the cherry blossoms will be out soon!

Last weekend was a great time to be Irish. Saturday was Saint Patrick’s Day, and it was also the day Ireland’s rugby team beat England to win the six nations championship and the grand slam. The grand slam is when one team wins all of their games in the tournament. Ireland has only ever achieved this three times in history. I watched the game live late at night on Saturday and it was great to see the Irish team play so well. I hope they do well at the World Cup here in Japan next year. They are now ranked second in the world! Ireland and Japan are in the same group in the world cup so I’m going to try to get tickets to the game at Echo Park in Shizuoka. I went to Tokyo on Sunday to the “I love Ireland Festival” in Yoyogi Park. There were many stalls selling Irish food such as stew, sausages, and beef and guinness pie. Delicious! There was a stage where dancers performed the famous “Riverdance”, a mixture of traditional Irish dancing and tap dance. We saw a band playing traditional Irish music. All of their members were Japanese, and it made me happy to see these cultures coming together. Japanese and Irish people were all dressed in green, and many people had little Irish flags and shamrocks painted on their faces. After the festival we saw the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Harajuku. It was a beautiful sea of green all along the street. There were marching bands from Ireland, U.S.A. and Japan playing Irish songs. There were Irish dancing groups based here in Japan performing too. It was a great atmosphere and my wife, daughter and I really enjoyed it. Later we went to the Natural History Museum in Ueno, followed by Tokyo Tower. After all of that I was exhausted as we headed home. It was a fantastic day out and I’m looking forward to my next Irish festival.








土曜日は東京の代々木公園で行われた『I love Ireland Festival』へ行きました。たくさんの露店が出ており、シチュー、ソーセージ、そして牛肉とギネスパイなどのアイルランド料理が売られていました。おいしかったです!ルンルンステージではダンサーの方々がアイルランドの伝統的な踊りとタップダンスをミックスした有名な『Riverdance』というものを披露していました。私達は伝統的なアイルランド音楽を演奏する楽団を見ました。ニコニコ彼らは全員日本人で、日本文化とアイルランド文化が一緒になっているのを見て嬉しくなりました。グリーンハート日本人もアイルランド人も皆緑色の衣装を着て、たくさんの人がアイルランドの国旗を持っており、顔には三つ葉のクローバーのペイントをしていました。









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