Hello everyone,

It really feels like summer now. It’s been hot and humid these past few days and I can see Mount Fuji’s snow disappear little by little every day. The change in seasons means that the rainy season will begin soon. In June and July we’ll have a few weeks of wet weather. It’s predictable in Japan, but in Ireland we can have a few weeks of rainy weather any time! The seasons don’t change as quickly or severely there, so we can’t tell what part of the year will be wet or dry. Despite the rainy season, I’m looking forward to June. On my daughter’s birthday we will go to Disneyland in Tokyo. It will be my first time to visit there, which is surprising given how long I’ve been living here. I have been to Disney Sea before, and Disneyland Paris, but never Tokyo Disneyland. The week after that, on June 17th, I’m going to a rugby match. It’s Japan versus Ireland at Ecopa arena here in Shizuoka Prefecture. I think I should go if the Ireland team are travelling all the way over here. Most of the audience will be Japanese but I’ll put some green in there.

Here at Hario we are collecting the speeches that our students have written. While the speech contest is months away, it’s exciting to see what our students have written about. There are some very interesting topics in there. We will get to work on translating and recording them so that our students can give their best performance when the time comes!















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