Looking Forward to Golden Week


Hello everyone,

Are you looking forward to Golden Week? The holiday starts this Thursday. However, many schools and workplaces open again for one day on Friday, followed by another three holidays next week. Monday is Constitution Day, which celebrates when Japan’s post-war constitution took effect. Tuesday is Green Day, which is a day when we are thankful for nature. Finally, Wednesday May 5th is Children’s Day. On this day, families with boys fly a big carp flag outside their house. This is to pray for the boy’s future. They also decorate their homes with samurai armor. I saw these decorations in Aeon recently and they look very cool, but expensive. Even though I don’t have a boy, I want these decorations in my house.

What to do in Golden Week this year? Obviously I can’t travel very far, so going back to Ireland is out. It looks like we’ll be waiting another year to get a COVID vaccine, because the roll out is so slow here. My parents in Ireland already got the vaccine, so we should see the numbers start to decrease there. I think for Golden Week I’ll stay local and do some shopping, go to the park, and help my daughter to learn how to ride a unicycle. It’s very difficult, but she is determined to practice as much as possible. You know what they say, “practice makes perfect”. So this holiday, we have time to practice. I might try some tennis, it’s been a while since I’ve played. Enjoy Golden Week everyone! And to our students: Good luck with writing your speech!








私のゴールデンウィークは近所で買い物をしたり、公園に行ったり、娘が一輪車乗りを手伝ったりすると思います。乗れるようになるのは難しいですが、彼女は精一杯やると決意しています。”practice makes perfect”(練習は裏切らない)。










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