How was your long weekend?


Hello everyone,

I hope you enjoyed Marine Day yesterday. Many people took advantage of the long weekend and went on a trip or visited relatives. Hario was open for business yesterday, but I still went on a trip on Sunday. Eight memebers of our family rented a mini-van and drove to Izu. We went to a fish restaurant in Izu-kogen. This area is well known for great fish and seafood. There were signed photos of celebrities who had eaten there on the wall. I’m not very good at recognising Japanese celebrities. I saw a few familiar faces but I can’t remember their names. It was so full of people when we got there, when we signed our names we were 14th in the queue. The great food was worth the wait however. After lunch we went to Granpal Theme Park. It’s a great place for kids and a few things for adults to enjoy too. One of the reasons we went there was to see the dinosaur exhibit. They have many life-size, moving dinosaur models in a Jurassic Park style section you can walk around. My daughter loves dinosaurs but she was scared to go near them at first. You can rent a go-kart and drive around them instead, so she was happy to do that. It’s quite a big park with many activities for kids. We only had time to go around half the park before we were finished. I went on a high zip line which brings you all the way across the park. It’s  being up that high but you get a beautiful view of the whole area. I’d like to return again in the future and see the rest of the park someday. We were lucky with the weather, although it was cloudy it didn’t rain. There weren’t many people there so we didn’t have to queue for any rides. It’s a well recommended day out. What did you do for the long weekend?









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