How much chocolate can you eat?


Hello everyone,

Did you enjoy the warm weather last Sunday? I went to the park to help my daughter learn how to ride a unicycle. I couldn’t believe how warm it was. 20 degrees in the middle of winter! It felt like spring had come early, and the sunshine made it feel even warmer. I heard that it takes about 15 hours to learn how to ride a unicycle. We are going out once a week to practice, and now she can hold one person’s hand and cycle around. But it will take longer to be able to ride solo. It takes patience, motivation and perseverance to learn this skill, much like learning English. Stick at it and the rewards are there in the future.

I was shopping last weekend and saw reminders everywhere that Valentine’s Day is coming. There are delicious looking chocolates in every food store around the city. This Sunday the 14th, girls and women all over Japan will give chocolate to the men and boys. This is different to the rest of the world, where only partners give each other a gift. In Japan, there is no romantic link to the gift, but if you get chocolate, you have to remember who gave it to you. That’s because one month later on March 14th, it’s White Day. That’s when all the men and boys have to repay the favor and give chocolates to the girls and women. So be careful guys, if you get a lot of chocolate on Sunday, make a list of the names! White Day was a great idea invented by the candy companies to make even more money a month after Valentine’s Day. I think it’s part of the reason Easter isn’t popular in Japan. By the time Easter comes, everyone is too full of chocolate to want any more. My parents send chocolate eggs to us from Ireland every year. If you haven’t yet, I really recommend you try Irish chocolate. It’s some of the best in the world, especially Butler’s brand. Every time I go back to Ireland on a trip, I am asked to bring back kilos of Butler’s chocolate. It’s very popular with our family here.











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