Happy Saint Patrick’s Day


Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a very special day around the world that celebrates Irish culture. Do you know what that day is? That’s right, it was Saint Patrick’s Day! You’ll notice that Hario has turned very green this week, and there are clovers everywhere. Why? Well, the clovers are a species of clover called shamrocks, which are common in Ireland. Saint Patrick is a man who spread Christianity to Ireland about 1,500 years ago. Yes, he is that old! In about the year 432 AD, he came to Ireland from the U.K. and taught Irish people about Christianity. He used the shamrock to explain the Christian teaching of three persons in one God (three leaves in one plant). This story is the reason you see shamrocks everywhere on this day. Also, green is popular as Ireland’s national colour. It’s on our flag, our sports teams wear it, and it’s symbolic of Ireland’s nature. St. Patrick is also credited as having sent all of the snakes out of Ireland. Every year there are street parades to celebrate Irish culture. They don’t just happen in Ireland though. The parades take place in almost every major city in the world. Tokyo, Sydney, Boston, and the largest parade is in New York. I have been to the parade in Harajuku and it was great fun. I didn’t know there were so many Irish people in Japan!

This year was very different, however. Most of the parades around the world were cancelled because of the corona virus. It’s usually Ireland’s busiest day for bars, because people like to drink green beer and Guinness, but all of the bars in the country had to close. Ireland is going into lockdown to stop the spread of the virus. The schools are closed, and many people are working from home. Hopefully next year, people can go out and have fun to make up for it. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, wherever you are.


















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