Graduation Days and Entrance Exams


Hello everyone,

It’s March! Spring is here at last, so it’s time to look forward to some warmer weather. However, it’s dull and rainy today. Hopefully, that means we’ll have a warm day tomorrow. It’s common to have a warm or hot, sunny day after rain in Japan. This surprised me, as it never happens in Ireland. Back home, if we have a rainy day, and it’s still cold the next day. In Japan, I noticed that if we have heavy rain in summer, the next day will be super-hot.

March is also the month when students finish their school year and begin the spring vacation. In Ireland, however, schools have been closed since the winter vacation. So this week, Irish students will finally go back to school after a three month holiday! The covid situation became very bad last December, so they had a shutdown on everything except supermarkets since then. In Japan, many of our students will graduate kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school and high school. My daughter will graduate kindergarten, she’s looking forward to becoming a first grader. All students here at Hario are excited and nervous about their new schools, and especially with the upcoming entrance exams. Many high school entrance exams are tomorrow, so our students have been studying extra hard recently. I hope the “doll festival” or “hina matsuri” tomorrow brings you extra luck in the tests. Families all over the country are putting up dolls at home in honour of their daughters. Usually if they have a son, they put up a carp fish flag outside in May.

Good luck to everyone taking exams!










入会キャンペーン2/1~3/19まで お問合せはこちら






富士市国久保3-1-10 2F
月~金 12:30~9:30 祝日)土、日 駐車場20台完備