Festival time!


Hello everyone,

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom this week. I had a chance to go out and see them last weekend. On Saturday I went to the Sport’s Park in Atsuhara and Central Park too. The cherry blossoms were beautiful in both parks. It was a little windy so they were snowing down on us. The Sport’s Park had its annual “Sakura Festival” on Saturday. It is run by the local community. Each of the neighbourhoods in Atushara had a seating area under the cherry blossoms. The area I live in is “East Atsuhara”. I found our area and they gave us delicious soba. There were local stalls selling the usual festival foods, such as shaved ice, chocolate bananas, yaki-soba and yaki-tori (grilled chicken). There was a stage in the park, where local groups performed music and dancing. My daughter’s great grandmother performed in a koto group. They played some traditional songs related to hanami. I met some of our student’s there and some of my daughter’s kindergarten friends. It was a fun day out at the park, and really marked the change of the seasons. It was a beautiful sunny day, and quite warm despite the wind. I put on sun cream but missed a spot on my neck, which is now purple. Luckily it’s only on a small patch of skin. But it shows how easily I get sun-burned. My skin doesn’t go brown easily. It just gets red and painful after the sun, so I’m always careful to wear sun cream. We don’t get as many sunny days in Ireland, but when we do, everyone flocks to the parks and beaches around the country. Irish people like to get a sun-tan, unlike many Japanese people. That’s why factor 15 sun cream is popular there, whereas it’s usually factor 50 here. Some Irish people even use false tan to look like they have been in the sun!

Enjoy the sunny weather!
















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