February Blues


Hello everyone!


It’s February and that means another cold month but we are one step closer to Spring! It also means many of our students will be having their exams this month (and early in March) in Junior High School and High School, so good luck to everyone! I know you have spent a lot of time studying so I hope it pays off. Especially for those looking to enter their High School of choice.


Many people ask me what Canada is like during this time. February, like many countries, is the coldest month. It’s not usually a month with a lot of snow but a lot of cold weather and ice. Sometimes in February it can be as cold as -20 degrees, even in a warmer area like Toronto! But during February many people in my city like to stay warm at home and enjoy watching our local professional sports teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs ice hockey team or the Toronto Raptors basketball team. For someone like me, February is tough as not only is it the coldest but it’s the last month of waiting until the baseball season starts again!


My favourite thing to do in February is to drink some hot cocoa and catch up on some of the best movies that came out the year before. Because of Covid-19 very few new movies were able to be released last year but there were still some great ones! For example a Canadian movie called Kid Detective was really good (not for children at all though!)


What do you like to do in February? Let me know!






私は、冬の季節にホットココアを飲みながら一年前の映画を見るのが好きです。コロナの影響で、去年は少ししか映画がリリースされませんでしたが、いい映画もいくつかありました。例えば、Kid Detective はよかったです。子供向けの映画ではありませんが。






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