Dinosaur Night Tour


Hello everyone,

The temperatures are soaring this week. It’s so hot and humid that people are saying “Atsui ne!” to me every day. The hottest it gets in Ireland is about 25 degrees, so this is far hotter than I’m used to. I can hide under the air conditioner for most of the day, but sometimes I have to venture outside. Last Saturday, my daughter wanted to play in a little inflatable pool we have in our garden. I inflated it, washed it and filled it. By the time it was ready I was melting from the heat! I had to go inside to cool down. My daughter’s friend came over and they had lots of fun in the pool. I wish we had a bigger one I could use in summer! On Sunday we went to Shimizu to see the night tour of the dinosaur museum in Tokai University Natural History Museum. My daughter and I are dinosaur fans, so we had a great time seeing the real fossils of dinosaurs such as triceratops, tyrannosaurus and pteranodon. I was particularly impressed by the size of the diplodocus. It’s 30 meters long! People bring torches to the night tour and they turn off the lights in the museum. Then you shine your torch on the fossils to make shadows of the dinosaurs move around on the walls. It looked really cool and it’s great fun for children. If you’re wondering what a “torch” is, it’s the U.K. English for a flashlight. There are many differences in the words we use for things between the U.S.A. and the U.K. and Ireland. In Ireland we use U.K. English, so we say “crisps” instead of “potato chips”, and “chips” instead of “french fries”. It can be a bit confusing mixing up those words but don’t worry. The grammar between those countries’ English remains the same. So, if you can understand one country’s English, you won’t have a problem in another country. Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation and Obon vacation next week!










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