Camping in Canada


Hello Everyone!

As you may know, the Hario English Camping trip is this weekend and everyone at Hario is very excited. We are looking forward to playing games, cooking, exploring, roasting marshmallows and being surrounded by nature and our wonderful students!

As a child I anxiously awaited every summer for our family camping trips. We would drive for hundreds of kilometers to go to the famous Algonquin Park in Ontario. Algonquin Park is the first Provincial Park of my province, Ontario and was established in 1893. It is absolutely huge, occupying 7,630 square kilometres of land and water with lakes, rivers, streams, forests, hills, everything! It has over 1000 plant species and 200 species of vertebrate animals including bears, beavers, caribou, moose and wolves!

The best thing about Algonquin Park are the many waterways that you can canoe in. Every summer we would take our canoes out to explore and find new paths to take. This was before the era of smart phones and handheld GPS so we were always sure to pack pencil and paper to draw out maps of the routes we would take. We would explore for hours and hours but our parents would allow us freedom because we would pack plenty of supplies such as water, food and emergency kits. Our best find was an amazingly beautiful waterfall with pockets of wading pools that we would lay in to cool off and relax.

Maybe one day you will travel to the true wilderness and experience something incredible! Be sure to tell us all about it.

–       Matt















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