Hello everyone,

Are you looking forward to the silver week break next week? Next Monday is “Old People’s Day”, where we honour our elders and celebrate a long life. It was changed to the third Monday in September in 2003 in accordance with the “Happy Mondays” system that was made by the Japanese government. They changed some public holidays to Monday every year, so that people can enjoy the long weekend. The Monday after is also a holiday, the “Autumnal Equinox”. That means we are exactly half way between the longest and shortest days of the year (in June and December). Here at Hario, we have next week off, and I have a lot to look forward to. My parents will arrive in Japan this Friday. They are coming to Fuji and if they aren’t too jet lagged they can go to my daughter’s sport’s day on Saturday. The time difference between Ireland and Japan is 8 hours back. So at 9AM here it’s 1AM in Ireland. It’s very difficult to adjust for the first few days. Next week my brother and five of my Irish friends will come to Japan too. They are going to spend some time on Tokyo first, so I will join them for a day. Then we will have a barbeque at my house in Fuji. On Sunday we will all go to Yokohama to see the Rugby World Cup match, Ireland vs. Scotland. I’m excited about the world cup this year. Ireland have a strong team and will go into this world cup ranked world number one. This might surprise many people, as New Zealand are usually ranked first. However, Ireland won their pre world cup friendly matches recently. They beat Wales last weekend to move up to the number one spot. We have high hopes for Ireland’s performance this year. I hope they can get past the quarter-final this time. They have never done that before. The week after the match in Yokohama, I’ll go to another match. Japan vs. Ireland takes place on September 28th in Ecopa, Shizuoka. I’m looking forward to the atmosphere of the game in front of the home crowd. It’s going to be great world cup.

See you after Silver Week.













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