Have you ever eaten turkey?


Hello everyone,

It’s December! The festive season is officially on now. However, I have seen Christmas trees and decorations everywhere for a few weeks now, it seems to start earlier every year. Once Halloween has finished, many businesses get the Christmas decorations out. In Ireland the big Christmas shopping rush has begun. Shops all over the country are packed full of customers buying Christmas presents for friends and family. When I was a college student, I worked part-time at an electronics store (Like Edion in Japan). All through December the store was so full of people and very busy all day. We opened earlier and closed later to take all of the extra people. It was so tiring helping customers all day. I’m glad I don’t have to work during Christmas anymore! This year I’ll stay in Japan for the winter holiday. My wife’s family wants to make a traditional Irish Christmas dinner. This will be the first time we have cooked turkey in Japan. Turkey is very rare here, and many people have never even tried it. In Ireland it’s quite popular and not just at Christmas. You can buy a turkey sandwich at any time of the year. We can’t find any in Fuji, so we will have to order it online. My mother will send some Irish Christmas dinner ingredients, such as stuffing, which is a breadcrumb and herb mix, which we put inside the turkey. I’m looking forward to the taste of home!

Here at Hario, the seasonal decorations are up, so come on over and look at our Christmas tree. There’s more than one tree actually, how many can you find in here?











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