Get Ready for the Festival!


Hello everyone,

The rainy season is supposed to end tomorrow. It’s the rainiest “tsuyu” I have experienced since I came to Japan. I feel like there was a lot more rain this year. It didn’t cause any problems here in Fuji, but Kyushu Island had a lot of flooding. From Thursday it will be hot and humid until the end of summer.

Last Sunday there was a general election here in Japan. I heard campaigners for the political parties shouting on loudspeakers all over Fuji city last week. It was a predictable outcome, so there wasn’t much excitement over the election. Prime Minister Abe won by a large margin, as everyone had predicted. Despite winning, he is not as popular as you would think. People have lost faith in him since a scandal last year. However, the economy has remained stable under his “Abenomics” strategy, so the people have decided to stick with it.

Next Sunday is the Fuji Festival. If you can handle the heat, go see the big street parade on Aoba-dori in the afternoon. It’s a colourful spectacle, with groups of people dancing to two songs, the Fuji Samba and Fuji Odori. It helps if you like the songs because they are played on repeat many times until the parade is over. These songs were made for the city and its festival. I heard that every city has its own song for their festival. In Chuo Park there are many food stalls and performances. In the evening they hold a Bamboo Princess contest, finishing with a spectacular fireworks display. It seems like they try to make it bigger and more extravagant every year. Enjoy the festival!











富士市国久保3-1-10 2F
月~金 12:30~9:30 祝日)土、日 駐車場20台完備